Using the website, the users hear by accept and acknowledge to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy of the website. The privacy policy is about how our website collects user’s person information and keeps the data safe and secured.

Data collection:

Users can provide their personal information such as name, and payment information using the form on our website. You can provide the information either via a call or a chat. Find the details about the list of details we collect from the users.

Personal information:

Users have to provide personal information such as name, Contact number, credit/debit card information and so on.  The information which the users provide the website will use it to make some transactions. Our website will keep the information very safe. But if there is a need such as violations from the user then the website has to reveal the user’s information to the respective authorities.

Payment Credentials:

It is mandatory to provide the payment details. You need these use these payment details to complete any transactions on our website. But you should authenticate your transactions with a one-time password (OTP).


This website uses cookies just like any other website. If the users have blocked the cookies then the users cannot make any transactions. The cookies will not use personal information from your system. But you can block cookies from other miscellaneous cookies.

Information about user location:

Users must share information about their location. This can help the website to suggest some offers and deal relevant offers that are available near your location. Else you should have to navigate through all the other necessary information.

Third-Party affiliates:

Other websites use our website as a platform to promote their products or ideas. Such websites are generally third-party affiliates. We do not stand liable for any misrepresentations or for the information they provide on our website as it is in no relation to us. Their own rules and policies govern their content and actions;


To maintain the integrity of our website and its services we take all measures to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided to us by our customers. The website assures its users that the information the users provide, the website will safeguard it from fraudulent transactions. But in case we find out that there was an abuse of the above mentioned terms, then you should share the information with the legal authorities.